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March Madness

Whether you are single or a part of a couple, sometimes the feeling of love is such that you behave in ways you otherwise would not. You all know what I mean...sometimes it is just those thoughts that you have where you say to yourself "Did I really just say that to her/him?" or worse "Did I really do that?" and then, of course, you chalk up to-- yes, but I really love them and that's why I behave this way. Now, if you're saying I do all the time, and I'm not in love...well, that's a different column. Check back with me in April for the Things I Need Not Re-Live story. But for right now, let's stick with the premise of "I like/love her/him so much that I do or say X" article.

Whether you are in love, or in like, people can do some crazy things. Maybe you bought a new outfit or a new toy simply to impress a person; maybe you called just once too often, and maybe you actually said how you felt?! Seems like honesty is titled "refreshing" these days. How sad is that? And yes, I realize everyone reading this is honest, but clearly in the context of relationships there is much that may be...unsaid? unspoken? Seems as though that behavior may count as 'dishonest'. But again, that's another column not yet written. In the interim, the way to tell if your thoughts and behaviors are 'crazy' or 'mad', is to always check with your heart. If your heart is happy, chances are that you thinking and behaving in a manner true-est to how you feel--and that can't be crazy, silly, or stupid, simply because it is how you feel. Remember that feelings are never right or wrong, they just are.

Again, I invite you to write me questions about anything you wish. If you send an email, and wish to remain anonymous, just let me know. Send your questions here.
I look forward to hearing from you!
-Amy B. Trachter,Psy.D.,Ph.D.

Dr. Trachter is a licensed clinical psychologist and the Director of Development and Operations for romance, a new subsidiary channel of She is an Adjunctive Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Miller School of Medicine University of Miami. She can be reached at

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